1955 Born on January 30th
1975 Graduated from Bunka Fashion College
Received the award for 14th High Fashion “Pierre Cardin Prize”
1975-1982 Entered Yohji Yamamoto Inc.
1982 Returned to Japan
Left Yohji Yamamoto Inc.
Established A.T. Co., Ltd and released A.T. brand
1984 A. T. Tokyo Collection firstly staged
1986 Received the award for 10th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Face Award and Shiseido Encouragement Award
1989 Moved to France again and founds A.T FRANCE s.a.
Launches ATSURO TAYAMA brand in Paris
1990-1994 Signed the contract with Cacharel in France as the Women’s Clothes Designer
1996 Received the award for 40th Fashion Editors Club of Japan Designer of the Year
1992-2005 Signed the contract with World Co., Ltd. “O?Z?O?C” “INDIVI” “BOYCOTT” “VOICE MAIL” “COUP DE CHANCE” as the Creative Director
2005- Assumed the role of Advisor in CROSS PLUS INC.
2006-2009 Signed the contract with Renown Incorporated “Aquascutum UK Label” as the Creative Director
2009- Signed the contract with Sogo & Seibu Co.,Ltd. “LIMITED EDITION by ATSURO TAYAMA” as the Creative Director
2009- Signed the contract with TAKA-Q CO.,LTD. “m.f.editorial” as the Creative Director
2010- Signed the contract with Ito-Yokado Co.,Ltd. “GALLORIA” as the Creative Director
2012-2014 Signed the contract for the Fujian Seven Brand Group Ltd. “SEVEN” as the Creative Director
2015- Signed the contract with Sumisho Brand Management Corporation “NARA CAMICIE” as the Creative Director
2017- Signed the “ON THE DAY " director contract with Taka-Q Co., Ltd